The World of Baphomet

The Vintage Era

BAPHOMET is set in what we call "the vintage era". The vintage era looks and feels like somewhere in between 1910 and 1950. Exactly when is not that important, and we are not aiming for historically correct outfits.

The visual style of the larp should have a vintage feel, which means vintage dresses, suits, tuxedos, uniforms, emphasised in the details: a hat, the right hair and make-up, a monocle or maybe a medal.

The vintage era is an alternate reality where the world is without the big political movements that were present in our world during 1910-1950. There has not been a World War, and there no major political ideologies haunting Europe.


It is very much still a world of social class difference, where the rich and powerful have much more wealth and influence than the working classes. However, in The Hermetic Order of Ardor, this norm is challenged, and here you will find high born and workers side by side. In the eyes of The Order, the earthly position of people has nothing to do with their magickal potential.


The Order

The Hermetic Order of Ardor is a secret society that works towards enlightenment and transcendence of its members. The Lord Templars decide who can become a member through rigorous tests, to evaluate the magickal potential of your character and their partner. If they are judged to have the potential to ascend to a higher plane of existence, they will then be initiated into the society together.

The larp's participants portray couples of The Order who have risen to the 12th degree of the order. They have been summoned to The Order's estate to go through the ritual to become Templars - the second highest rank, surpassed only by the Lord Templars who are the Order's leaders. For many of the characters, this step is very important: in the Order, only Templars and Lord Templars are allowed to get children. 


Not everyone who was summoned will become Templars, since not all are ready to ascend. But all members will do their very best to help their fellow brothers and sisters reach their full potential. Whether or not they, when they face their Gods, really want to.


The Order works a lot with Tarot, summonings, and various group exercises that will pressure its members to reveal their inner wishes and desires. Since the characters are placed under strong pressure, larp participants should expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.

Dates & Price

Run 1: October 28th - 31st 2019

Price: 415 Eur / 275 Eur

Run 2: October 31st  - November 3rd 2019

Price: 465 Eur / 315 Eur

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Lungholm Gods // Rødbyvej 24 // 4970 Rødby // Denmark

Designed by​​

Linda Udby & Bjarke Pedersen

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